Vietnam Relaunches Campaign To Legalise Same-Sex Marriage After A Decade

Vietnam has relaunched a campaign called Toi Dong Y (I Do) to garner public support for same-sex marriage in Vietnam.

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In 2013, a campaign in Vietnam to support same-sex marriage culminated in a petition with 12,000 signatures. The campaign was considered a success, as it led to the abolishment of the ban on same-sex marriage in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, same-sex marriage is now neither banned nor recognised.

Credit: Vu Thuy / Tuoi Tre News

Dear Straight People,

After almost a decade since the landmark victory, the Institute for Studies of Society, Economy, and Environment (iSEE) is partnering with LGBT+ rights group ICS Center to re-launch the campaign for same-sex marriage in Vietnam.

The campaign is called Toi Dong Y (I Do), and it will boast a series of activities from August to September with the objective of garnering public support for same-sex marriage in Vietnam. The campaign will also seek to collect 250,000 signatures to support same-sex marriage.

Here’s hoping that they achieve their goal!

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