Candid Convos: Inside The Underground World Of Private Gay Orgies

An experienced private gay orgy organiser spills the beans on Singapore’s gay orgy scene.

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About once a month, around a dozen gay men gather discreetly in a hotel. On some occasions, the number can go as high as 20.

But regardless of the number of participants, the purpose remains the same.

Welcome to Singapore’s underground world of private gay orgies.

Dear Straight People,

Inclusivity may be a trendy buzz word. But there are still some clubs in the world that you cannot buy your way into.

Private orgy clubs are one such example.

Gay men may have developed a rather hedonistic reputation. But truth be told, many of our lives are a lot more mundane than one would expect.

I, for one, have never attended an orgy. In fact, I’ve not even been invited to an orgy before.

But an opportunity to gain an insight into this underground scene presented itself when I crossed paths with an experienced private orgy organiser.

From how they are organised to what exactly happens during the orgies, no stone is left unturned in my conversation with the private orgy organiser.

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