‘Home Par’ Goes Global; GagaOOLaLa Buys Streaming Rights To Singapore Gay Short Film

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Dear Straight People,

‘Home Par’ is out now on GagaOOLala!

Produced towards the end of 2022, Home Par is proudly sponsored by FabulousMe, a gay-owned business specialising in gay party accessories, offering everything from cheeky fans to extravagant accessories.

Home Par – Singapore Gay Short Film About Discrimination Within The Gay Scene

In a realm dominated by BL (Boys Love) dramas, “Home Par” stands out for its unique premise and diverse cast.

This Singaporean short film revolves around Fab (played by Aiman Haikal), who is brown, plus-sized, and genderfluid. The narrative of Home Par follows Fab over the course of one night as they attend their very first gay invite-only home party. Drama and humor unfold as Fab’s flamboyant demeanor clashes with the more “straight-acting” attendees at the gay gathering.

Helmed by Sean Foo in his directorial debut, Home Par boasts a predominantly queer cast. Filmed in one day, Home Par premiered on Dear Straight People’s YouTube channel on 15 December 2022, amassing over 65,000 views and counting.

GagaOOLaLa – Largest Asian Streaming Platform for LGBTQ Content

Founded by Jay Lin in Taiwan in 2017, GagaOOLaLa has cultivated an impressive community of over 2.5 million members from 191 countries. With more than one million active monthly users, GagaOOLaLa proudly stands as Asia’s largest streaming platform for LGBTQ+ content.

Home Par marks the second collaboration between Dear Straight People and GagaOOLaLa. Just last month, Getaway, Singapore’s inaugural BL series, made its debut on GagaOOlala, quickly ascending to the top 5 in rankings.

Showcasing a story that aims to promote inclusiveness and chosen families, Home Par made its international premier on GagaOOLala on 30 October 2023. The version on GagaOOLaLa includes an extended cut, featuring a gay orgy scene not included in last year’s YouTube release.

Watch ‘Home Par’ On GagaOOLala Here

For the full Director’s Cut, inclusive of the gay orgy scene and exclusive additional scenes, you can experience it on Dear Straight People’s Patreon.

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