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12 LGBT Asians From Around The World Share Their First Coming Out Experience

Dear Queer People, The only thing more nerve racking than coming out is coming out for the first time.  Uncertainty is a scary thing. And it’s exacerbated by the fact that the consequences can be dire should things not pan out as planned. But for many of us, coming out is a rite of passage that

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20 Openly Gay Asians Share Their Advice On Coming Out

Dear Gay People, To come out or not to come out? That’s the million dollar question we all have to face eventually. But it’s a question that has no right answer. And as you ponder over this issue, it’s likely that your answer will change with each passing day. It’s a big decision to make. And

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Out Of The Closet: Irwin Tseing Shares His Story

Dear People, Meet 22-year old Australian Irwin Tseing! Born in Sydney, Irwin’s father is from Hong Kong while his mother is of English descent. Growing up, his inclination towards guys was something that he was always acutely aware of, but not something which he gave too much thought to. When I was young I always

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