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What It’s Like When You Fall For Your Straight Best Friend

Dear Gay People, Falling for your straight best friend is one of the oldest clichés in the gay book. And yet, time and again, it keeps happening. Maybe it’s the lure of the forbidden fruit that our innate human nature finds irresistible. Maybe it’s due to the emotional intimacy of the friendship. Maybe it’s because

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7 Things Straight People Need To Stop Saying To Gay People!

Dear Straight People, Here are 7 things you all really need to stop saying to gay people! ‘You don’t seem gay’ Seriously, straight people need to stop subscribing to the ridiculous gay stereotypes that the media has managed to cook up for us. For the record, not all gay people wear brightly coloured clothes, gym

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Dear Straight People, Not Every Gay Person Is Interested In You!

 Dear Straight People, I am not interested in you. And neither are most of the gay people that you come into contact with. The reason why I felt compelled to say that was because I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had the following conversation happen to me: Me: Straight Person: Me:  Straight Person: Me:

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