Dear Gay Men, Stop Hating On Feminine Guys!

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Dear Gay Men,

Do feminine guys embarrass you?


Do flamboyant men annoy you?

gay acting

Do you pride yourself on being ‘straight-acting’?


If you’ve answered yes to all of the above questions, you’re definitely not the only one. ‘Straight-acting’ gay men who pride themselves on their masculinity and who look down on feminine guys are a dime a dozen. In fact, the hatred for feminine guys have become so strong in some gay men that they absolutely refuse to chat to anyone that they deem to be a sissy:


The irony here of course is that on one hand, gay men demand that society accept them for who they are and yet, we can’t even seem to accept each other. Instead of uniting together to show our strength and solidarity, we further divide ourselves into arbitrary groups and try our best to distance ourselves from the subsets that we deem to be inferior to us.

The funny thing here is that many of the feminine guys that many of you ‘straight-acting’ men like to make fun of are actually a lot more manlier than you are! For starters, they don’t try to hide their sexuality by adopting conventionally masculine mannerisms in a bid to act straight. No, they are brave enough to be themselves despite knowing that doing so will most definitely expose them to judgement and ridicule from other people. So it really doesn’t take much brains to figure out which of those options requires more balls.

Source: Buzzfeed
Source: Buzzfeed

It’s time that we as a community start broadening our minds a little bit and stop expecting every other gay person to conform to our notion of what a gay person should behave like. The reason why the rainbow is used as the symbol of the LGBT community is because it’s meant to symbolise the diversity within the LGBT community itself. We need to start accepting all of those shades and not just the most masculine one.

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