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Dear Gay Men, Stop Hating On Feminine Guys!

Dear Gay Men, Do feminine guys embarrass you? Do flamboyant men annoy you? Do you pride yourself on being ‘straight-acting’? If you’ve answered yes to all of the above questions, you’re definitely not the only one. ‘Straight-acting’ gay men who pride themselves on their masculinity and who look down on feminine guys are a dime

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Dear Gay Men, Stop Hating On High-Profile People!


Dear Gay Men, Please stop hating on high-profile people! For the benefit of all the confused straight people reading this, high-profile people, also known as ‘high-profilers’, refer to the pseudo-celebrities of the gay community. While there is no actual criteria set for determining who is considered a high-profiler, high-profilers all enjoy a large social media following, usually

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Dear Uni Students, Stop Hating On Art Students!

Dear Uni Students, Admit it! You’ve all hated on art students before! Hating on art students has become some sort of sick ritual that all University students partake in. And honestly, I don’t really blame you guys. I mean, art students really do make excellent fodder for derogatory jokes. For example, their lack of job

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