Move Over Homophobia, It’s Time To Talk About Biphobia

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Dear People,

You’ve probably heard of homophobia before. And maybe even transphobia. But chances are, most of you have never heard of biphobia before. When you consider the fact that biphobia is rampant in both the straight and LGBT communities, the lack of attention to it is honestly quite shocking.

As the name itself suggests, biphobia refers to a strong dislike towards bisexuals. Despite the inclusion of the B in LGBT, bisexuals don’t receive much love from the very community that they supposedly belong to. Although acceptance and inclusiveness make up the fundamental cornerstones of the LGBT community, bisexuals are often treated with contempt and suspicion. If that isn’t bad enough, straight people often treat bisexuals with disdain and distrust as well.

And frankly, bisexuals really don’t deserve the kind of hate that they often get!


You see, a lot of the hate directed towards bisexuals stems from all the common misconceptions regarding the bisexual community.

For example:

Misconception 1: Bisexuals are more prone to cheating on their partner.


This misconception bears little weight if you apply some logic to it. A person’s likelihood of cheating on a relationship depends largely on his or her own character and values, not their sexuality. Being bisexual does not make someone more likely to cheat, being an asshole does.

Misconception 2: Bisexuals are greedy.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

The reason often used to justify the hate against bisexuals is that they are greedy because they want to enjoy heterosexual privilege while getting to indulge in same-sex activities. While this assertion may seem logical on the surface, in reality, it is obviously not the case. Although bisexuals get to enjoy the best of both worlds, that privilege comes at a heavy price. Bisexuals are often viewed with cynicism and distrust, often getting hate comments from both the straight and queer community. If you ask me, I think the price they pay to enjoy whatever they find in someone’s pants is not worth it.

Misconception 3: Bisexuality doesn’t actually exist.


Bisexuality is often perceived to be a transition phase. It’s seen as a convenient label for people who are unable to decide whether they are straight or gay. Because of the common assertion that bisexuality doesn’t exist, bisexuals don’t receive the same kind of sympathy that the other members of the LGBT community do. Instead, bisexuals are largely dismissed and ignored.


Thus, the kind of treatment that bisexuals are subjected to from everyone else is extremely irrational and unfair. Just like heterosexuality or homosexuality, bisexuality is a legitimate sexual orientation. Bisexuals should not have to endure cynical remarks whenever they declare their sexual orientation. Bisexuals should not have to explain themselves just because people underestimate the potential of the human heart. More important, bisexuals should not have to deal with biphobia because nobody deserves to be discriminated against based on their sexuality.

So really people, lets all stop hating on bisexuals shall we?

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