6 Signs You’re In Love With Your Straight BFF

Dear Gay People,

Most of us don’t realise that we’ve fallen for our straight best friends until it is too late. Unless you want to subject yourself to a state of emotional turmoil and drive yourself crazy, I suggest you read this post to check for any warning signs before it is too late.

1. You get jealous when they become close to somebody else of the same sex

Source: knbgifimagines.tumblr.com
Source: knbgifimagines.tumblr.com

If you start to feel jealous that your best friend is developing a very strong platonic friendship with someone else, then that might be a sign that your feelings for him or her are a lot deeper than what you previously thought.

2. You invest a lot more into the friendship than they do

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

While this could simply be due to you being a naturally awesome friend or they being a terrible friend, it might also mean that the reason you invest so much more into the friendship than they do is because you are starting to not see them as just a friend.

3. You start to overreact over trivial things

Source: uproxx.com
Source: uproxx.com

You start to overreact over things which don’t normally bother you. For example, when other people bail on you at the last minute or arrive late, you’re generally pretty chill. When your straight best friend does it however, you slap them harder than a pissed off Cersei Lannister!

4. You start to become overly possessive 

Source: ziammaynelove.tumblr.com
Source: ziammaynelove.tumblr.com

You demand that they text you throughout the day, get angry when they don’t tell you what they’re doing or who they’re meeting and feel threatened every time they meet someone new or go on a date.

5. You start to fantasise about them

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

If you ever start to fantasise about your best friend naked, YOU NEED TO STOP NOW before it is too late!. Sexual attraction is often a precursor to developing emotional feelings for someone!

6. You find yourself thinking about them almost all the time

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

If you find yourself missing them every single second they’re not by your side, then I’m afraid it’s too late for anyone to save you. Good luck in emotional hell!

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