5 Of The Best Comebacks To The Dreaded ‘Why No Girlfriend’ Question?

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Dear Gay Men,

I have been asked the dreaded ‘Why don’t you have a girlfriend’ question (usually by overly anxious parents) so many times that I’ve pretty much perfected the art of deflecting the question. So here are 5 of my best comebacks to the dreaded ‘Why no girlfriend’ question that you guys may want to use if you ever get asked that annoying question!

1. No girl wants me 🙁    


Add in the sad face as a way of fishing for compliments so that the person gets distracted from the question itself!

2. Don’t know much girls… Do you have a sister? 😉


I usually use this line when a straight male friend with a sister asks me this question. Adding in the creepy wink usually creeps the said friend out enough for him to change the subject.

3. I think it’s because I forgot to forward that damn chain email/text from years ago!


Laughter isn’t just the best medicine, it’s a very good distraction too! And this response usually elicits a laugh or two from the other party.

4. I’ve already told you the answer before! You need to listen to me more!

You never listen to me

This generally leads to an argument about how the other party isn’t paying enough attention to me whenever we talk thereby diverting him or her from the original dreaded question.

5. Because the only woman I need in my life is my mother

Source: quickmeme.com

This mushy answer generally grosses people out enough for them to change the topic.

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