The Sex Nomad – Conversation With A Money Boy Who Travels To Work

Meet Rick, one of many money boys who have flocked to Singapore with the prospect of higher earnings.

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Remote working is nothing new. 

The pandemic has revolutionised the way society views work. Flexible working arrangements are now all the rage. In fact, the luxury of working from anywhere is now a perk commonly used by companies to attract and retain talent worldwide.

But when one thinks of remote workers, an image of a digital nomad sprawled out on a beach in Bali with nothing but a laptop comes to mind.

Digital nomads however, are no longer the only remote workers. An increasing number of money boys are now embracing the perks of the nomadic lifestyle.

Dear Straight People,

Meet Rick (not his real name), a money boy from the Philippines who is currently in Singapore.

On the surface, Rick is in Singapore for a one month long holiday. But this trip is no holiday for him. He calls it a business trip. And Rick is on a mission to get as much business as possible in the city state.

“In Singapore, I can charge much higher compared to the Philippines.

Here, I charge $200 per session. If the guy is my type, I will sometimes discount it to $150.”

With his handsome features and muscular physique, one would think getting clients would be a breeze for Rick. But competition is fierce.

Rick is not the only foreign money boy in Singapore. The prospect of higher earnings in Singapore compared to their home country have prompted many money boys to try their luck here as well.

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