Gay For Pay – Conversation With A Straight Thai Massage Boy Who Serves Gay Clients

From how much he earns as a massage boy to what type of guys he likes, no question is off limits in our conversation with Bank.

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This is easily the most expensive interview I’ve ever conducted.

Over the years, Dear Straight People has conducted countless interviews, including public figures such as Pangina Heals and Edison Fan.

But this is the first time we’ve ever had to pay someone to be featured on Dear Straight People.

Dear Straight People,

Meet Bank (not his real name), a Bangkok-based massage boy whose clientele is primarily gay.

As the term suggests, ‘massage boys’ are male masseurs. Bank however, is not your regular masseur.

Bank works for a massage parlour that specifically caters to men. At this joint, it’s not just implied or hinted at. A happy ending here is part of the standard massage package. In most cases, a happy ending refers to penetrative anal sex.

While regular massage joints assign masseurs on a first-come-first-serve basis, customers at this men-only parlour get to choose their preferred masseur. They are given pictures of available masseurs to pick from via LINE. Alternatively, they can drop by the massage parlour to pick out their favourite masseur in person.

With his sculpted physique and chiselled features, Bank is about as attractive as they come. As he proudly tells me, he is one of the most popular massage boys at this establishment. Suffice to say, Bank has no lack of clients.

Although he has had countless sexual experiences with men over the years, Bank firmly considers himself to be straight. 

Bank’s situation is not an unusual one. As he tells me, most masseurs at this joint are straight. Yet, they’ve all managed to reconcile their experiences with their sexuality. 

I found Bank’s way of thinking to be very interesting. My conversation with him turned out to be one of the most enlightening interviews I’ve ever conducted.

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