Over 200 Same-Sex Couples From China & Hong Kong Have Gotten Married In Utah Via Zoom

Find out why 200 gay couples from China and Hong Kong have gotten married in Utah County via Zoom

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Dear Straight People,

China and Hong Kong may not have legalised same-sex marriage yet. But that hasn’t stopped over 200 couples from China and Hong Kong from getting married in the US.

Utah County allows virtual international marriages without any citizenship requirements for marriage licenses.

This service was originally introduced as a response to the pandemic. But it has unintentionally become a loophole for couples looking to get married, but are unable to do so in their home country.

This legal quirk in particular, has caught on in China and Hong Kong. It is estimated that over 200 LGBT+ couples in China and Hong Kong have gotten married over video conferencing platforms such as Zoom.

Zhu Guangyu (L) and Liu Yangming (R) at their apartment in Guangzhou, China. Liu Yangming

One recent example is Xu Yanzhou and Zhu Xiaoming, a gay couple who got married in their living room in Guangzhou, China. Having been together for five years, Utah County’s Zoom marriages provided the couple with a unique and affordable opportunity to get married without flying overseas.

“It sounded very cheap and convenient,”

Xu Yanzhou

International couples looking to register their marriages online can do so in Utah County for a $100 fee.

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