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An Open Letter To Singaporean Ministers Regarding The Orlando Massacre

    Dear Ministers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Thank you for your various statements on the Orlando massacre on your own Facebook pages and the Ministry’s statement. In your carefully worded statement and Facebook postings, you have avoided to state that the deadly violence took place in a gay club where most of

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18 Funny Gifs That Describes My Typical Night Out At A Gay Club

Dear Straight People, If you’ve always wondered how gay clubs are like, the following 18 gifs that describes a typical night out at a gay club might be able to give you some valuable insight into the matter. Queuing up to get inside the gay club but it’s taking forever 2. When I finally reach

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5 Common Myths Of Gay Clubs

Dear Straight People, I’ve lost count of the number of times you people have pestered me to bring you along to a gay club. The funny thing however, is that although most of you have never stepped foot inside a gay club, straight people seem to harbour all kinds of weird misconceptions about gay clubs.

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