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Gaydar – Revealing The Secret To How Gay Men Recognise One Another

Find out the long kept secret on how the gaydar of gay men actually works!

6 Signs You’re In Love With Your Straight BFF

Dear Gay People, Most of us don’t realise that we’ve fallen for our straight best friends until it is too late. Unless you want to subject yourself to a state of emotional turmoil and drive yourself crazy, I suggest you read this post to check for any warning signs before it is too late. 1.

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10 Straight People Tell Us What Turns On Their Gaydar The Most!

Dear Gay People, In order to gain an insight into the gaydars of straight people, I asked 10 straight people what turned on their gaydars the most. Check out their responses below, some of them might actually surprise you! 1. Natasha:  For me I think it’s the way gay guys talk. I think it’s the

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What To Do When You Suspect That Your Friend Is Gay

Dear Straight People, Does one of your friends make your gaydar go off? Do you ever get the feeling that he or she is keeping a very big secret from you? If yes, then you really need to continue reading this article. If no, you should read it anyway because chances are, you will find

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