7 Rules Of Grindr Every Gay Guy Should Abide By


Dear Gay People,

If you’ve downloaded Grindr or any other gay app onto your phones, then please obey the following 7 rules of Grindr. No they aren’t actually official rules. But someone should definitely make them official for the benefit of all gay men around the world!

In no particular order, here are the 7 rules of Grindr that every gay guy should abide by:

  1. Do NOT state your racial preferences on your profile
Source: nogrindrfail.tumblr.com/
Source: nogrindrfail.tumblr.com/

Firstly, it’s completely unnecessary. Secondly, it does a lot more harm than you could possibly imagine!

2. Do NOT hate on feminine men

Source: disclosedreflections.wordpress.com
Source: disclosedreflections.wordpress.com

This is pretty self-explanatory really.

3. If he doesn’t reply you the first time, MOVE ON!

Source: grindr--fails.tumblr.com
Source: grindr–fails.tumblr.com

Sometimes, not getting a response is a response itself.

4. Do not send any unsolicited nude pics

Source: gifs33.tumblr.com

If he doesn’t ask for it, it means he doesn’t want to see it.

5. If you don’t have a face pic, please don’t insist that others do
massively into faces

This is the epitome of irony.

6. Use a profile picture that is CURRENTLY an accurate representation of you 

Source: whatisultra.tumblr.com
Source: whatisultra.tumblr.com

This saves us the trouble from running away from you if we do actually meet up.

7. Read the person’s profile first before you chat to them

Source: Pininterest.com
Source: Pininterest.com

This reduces your chances of pissing someone off with a stupid question.

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2 comments on “7 Rules Of Grindr Every Gay Guy Should Abide By”

  1. Definitely number six. The number of times I would turn up to meet some guy and my first thought would be “Why have they sent their Dad?”.

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