Bsamfruit Durian Delivery – Gym Owners In Thailand Have Turned To Selling Durians

Thirst traps alert! Due to the coronavirus outbreak, a group of Thai gym owners have decided to start a durian business called Bsam Fruit Delivery aka Bsamfruitทุเรียนเดลิเวอรี่

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Dear Straight People,

The coronavirus outbreak have upended lives across the globe in unimaginable ways. In this particular instance, the coronavirus outbreak have compelled a group of Thai gym owners to start a durian delivery business instead.

Bsam Fruit Delivery Run By Former Gym Owners

Bsamfruit Durian with customers
Credit: Bsamfruitทุเรียนเดลิเวอรี่ Facebook

As part of the government’s regulations in combatting the coronavirus outbreak, gyms in Thailand were ordered to shut down.

While there is no confirmation on when gyms in Thailand will be allowed to resume operations again, a group of gym owners in Chiang Mai have decided to start a durian business called Bsam Fruit Delivery.

Bsamfruit seller 2
Credit: Bsamfruitทุเรียนเดลิเวอรี่ Facebook
Bsamfruit seller 4
Credit: Bsamfruitทุเรียนเดลิเวอรี่ Facebook
Bsamfruit seller 5
Credit: Bsamfruitทุเรียนเดลิเวอรี่ Facebook

Although their business was only launched on 11 April 2020, it has already attracted a ton of attention.

Unsurprisingly, women and gay men have been highly appreciative of their thirst traps pictures. Here are some shots of the owners hard at work.

Bsamfruit Durian deliver cutting durians
Credit: Bsamfruitทุเรียนเดลิเวอรี่ Facebook
bsamfruit durian delivery hunks
Credit: Bsamfruitทุเรียนเดลิเวอรี่ Facebook
Bsamfruit 2
Credit: Bsamfruitทุเรียนเดลิเวอรี่ Facebook
Bsamdruit 6
Credit: Bsamfruitทุเรียนเดลิเวอรี่ Facebook
Bsamfruit Durian Delivery
Credit: Bsamfruitทุเรียนเดลิเวอรี่ Facebook

Like almost every other country on the planet, Thailand’s economy has taken a hard hit from the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, COVID-19 is the worst crisis to hit Thailand’s economy in the last six decades. Experts predict that up to 10 million jobs will be lost as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

So here’s hoping that Bsam Fruit Delivery will allow these former gym owners to survive the coronavirus crisis. You can support them by checking them out on their Facebook page or making an order at +66 61 365 5651.


Facebook Page: Bsamfruitทุเรียนเดลิเวอรี่

Phone: +66 61 365 5651

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