Huy Pham – Letter To My Closet

This letter by Huy Pham from Vietnam to his 17-year old closeted self will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

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Closeted FB Cover Huy

Sup 17 year-old Huy,

Just so you know that 17-year-old boys are so out of my league right now that I’m 11 years older than you, mentally not physically. Physically speaking it might be just 5 years apart LOL.

There isn’t anything much I wish to change about you right now. You grew up fine in the end, but I don’t want you to know it, cause that is not how life works. You made a lot of mistakes, you also learned from them, I will too. We both don’t like people telling us what to do, not even our future selves, right? Still, there are a few things I wish I could have told my past self. Not that because it is too late now, more because it will help you regret less in the future.

Huy Closeted
17-year old me

If i could go back in time, i would hug grandmas and grandpa tighter and kiss them a little more on the last day I saw them. Put your instant noodle bowl aside and talk to grandma for longer on that video call. I know you would reluctantly do that for me but you will understand why a few years down the road. I will hug and kiss mom more now too, but how much is enough?

You will eventually grow out of Jim. Surprised! You’re deeply in love now huh! I don’t wish you to know this. It’s here because I know this letter will never reach you. Be that lovebird you are right now and continue treating him like he was your whole world. But don’t take him for granted when you are 22, even when you guys aren’t meant to be anymore, it was kind of inevitable, but he will still hold a special place in our hearts to this point of time.

Me in 2020.

I’m proud of how sentimental we can be, but there’s still room for improvement further down the road. We had it a lot easier than other people, maybe that why we are positive and cheery, and also ignorant. We can definitely learn to be a little more sympathetic. you do receive more when you give more.

Also, remember to turn all those auto-renewal subscriptions off. You just wasted $200 on that stupid 123RF account dumbass!!!!

DSP Author Huy
Written by Huy Pham: @huyfap

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