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Top 10 Moments Of 上瘾 (Addicted) That Made You Go Awww

Dear Gay People, If you still haven’t watched上瘾 (Addicted), the first thing you need to do is to STOP READING THIS POST because it’s chalk full of spoilers and read our review instead! The second thing you need to do is jump on the 上瘾 (Addicted) bandwagon like every basic gay boy out there. Then you’ll

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Addicted (上瘾) Review: You’re Missing Out If You Still Haven’t Watched This Gay China Web Drama

Read our no spoiler review of上瘾 (Addicted), a classic coming-of-age gay web drama that became a massive hit in China.

10 Typical Grindr Situations That Gay Men Have All Been In Before

Dear Straight People, If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in Grindr, the following 10 screenshots of typical Grindr situations should give you a pretty insightful glimpse into the kind of conversations we have in the world of gay apps! 1. When he’s not your type 2. When you’re not his type 3. When he’s

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10 Hilarious Tweets That Were More Entertaining Than The Madonna Concert Itself!

Dear Straight People, Check out the following 10 hilarious tweets from last night that were more entertaining than the Madonna concert itself! 1:  2:   3: 4: 5:  6: 7:   8:   9:   10: If you like what you read, like us on Facebook and sign up for our mailing list to get the latest updates!

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10 Super Hot Music Videos Every Gay Man Needs To Watch Before They Die!

Dear Gay Men, The following 10 super hot music videos are so ridiculously hot that you’ll probably regret it for life if you don’t watch them at least once before you die! 1. ‘Sad Eyes’ by Enrique Iglesias Why you need to watch it: Because this is arguably the hottest music video ever made in

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Top 10 ‘Forever Alone’ Songs To Emo To On Valentine’s Day!

Dear Single People, It’s that time of the year again. The day when it seems like everyone in the world except you is out and about with their bae celebrating Valentine’s Day and jacking up restaurant prices in the process has finally arrived. For all the baeless folks however, it’s the day where we all

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Top 10 Singaporean Actors You Had A Crush On In The 90s!

Dear Gay People, If you’re a 90s kid like me, then chances are, you too probably spent a large part of your childhood fantasising crushing over hot TCS actors. If you have no idea what TCS means, then you’re probably too young to be reading nostalgic posts about the good old 90s and I feel sorry

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Watching This Video Will Make You Fall In Love With Rebecca Black!

Dear Straight People, Remember Rebecca Black? That infamous teen who burst onto the music scene in 2011 and tortured our ears and eyes with that ridiculously atrocious song ‘Friday’ and its equally bad music video? If you can’t remember, this video will help you to refresh your memory Ok sorry, you probably hate us and

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7 Adele Quotes That Speak To Your Soul

Dear People, Whether it’s her music or the things that she says, Adele has an uncanny ability of reaching out to our soul with her words. Here are 7 Adele quotes that speak to the depths of your soul! 1. I’m sure everyone can relate to this 2. Adele knows how to keep it real

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7 Reasons Why Adele Is The New Queen Of Pop

Dear People, Adele is the new queen of pop! And no, that was not an opinion. That was a fact. And if you’re still not convinced and think that Taylor Swift should be crowned as the new queen of pop instead, check out the following 7 reasons why Adele is totally the new queen of

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