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Out Of The Closet: Noris aka NORIStar Shares His Story

Dear People, Meet 40-year old Singaporean Norisman Mustafa… who is better known by his drag persona as NORIStar. A veteran of almost 20 years in the local drag circuit, Noris is no stranger to the spotlight. Featured in a wide range of publications over the years, Noris just recently scored himself a prominent feature on  The Straits

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Out Of The Closet: Eugene Tan aka Becca D’Bus Shares His Story

Dear People, Meet 38-year old Singaporean Eugene Tan… who also happens to be the man behind one of Singapore’s most prolific drag queens; Becca D’Bus. Fierce, flamboyant and colourful, Becca D’Bus needs little introduction. A renowned name within the local drag circuit, Becca D’Bus has been featured in numerous media publications. And when one considers

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8 common misconceptions about transsexuals

 Dear Straight People, It’s time to bust 8 of the most common misconceptions you lot have about transsexuals! 1. Transexuals are all gay Sexuality and gender are two different things! Many transexuals are not gay. Caitlyn Jenner for example, has stated that she is not gay! 2. Transexuals are all mentally ill Transexuals are not

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