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Confession: I’m Hooked Onto Chemsex And I Don’t Know How To Stop

Dear Gay People, I’m so hooked onto chemsex that I can no longer get off on regular sex. It all started a couple of years ago. I was feeling horny and decided to get on Grindr in the hopes of finding someone to relieve me of my raging hormones. Not long after, I got lucky and

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Out Of The Closet: Alex Tan Shares His Story

  Dear People, Meet 23-year old Singaporean Alex Tan… who not too long ago, struggled a lot with body image issues. Being gay is hard. But being gay and fat is even harder. Fat shaming is prevalent in the gay community. And if you don’t believe me, just ask Alex Tan. At his heaviest, Alex weighed

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Target Of Leaked Gay Sex Video Speaks Out Against Invasion Of Privacy

Dear Straight People, Hollywood celebrities aren’t the only ones who get their nudes splashed all over the internet. Every now and then, some unsuspecting soul from the gay scene will find their naked self plastered all over Tumblr sites. And it’s become so common that gay people have more or less resigned themselves to the

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