How To Behave When You Encounter A Gay Couple

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Dear Straight People,

If you’ve ever encountered a gay couple blatantly behaving like a gay couple in public before, chances are that you probably did one of the following 5 things which you really shouldn’t have.

In order not to repeat your mistake, here are 5 tips that you should really take note of should you come across a gay couple in public again:

1. Don’t stare at us

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

Yes, it’s not everyday you see a gay couple behaving so overtly like a couple in public so it is pretty natural to feel curious whenever you encounter an unreserved gay couple.

That said, we are not zoo animals and do not appreciate being stared at. So please try to stare at something else… like cute kids, heterosexual couples or whatever it is that straight people normally like to stare at.

 2. Don’t point at us


Again, we understand you’re curious or shocked that there are actually gay couples in Asia but really, there is no need to point at us. Honestly, you shouldn’t be pointing at anyone in the first place!

 3. Don’t take pictures of us!


Regardless of how strong your urge to snapchat or whatsapp a picture of us to send to your friends, resist that urge at all costs! Trying to take a picture of us will make us extremely paranoid and will most likely lead to a confrontation that you would most definitely rather avoid.

 4. Give us some privacy

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

 If you notice a gay couple sitting in an isolated corner, they are most likely trying to make out like any regular heterosexual couple and the only reason why they aren’t making out is because your presence is making them very shy. So please give them some privacy and make yourself scarce.

5. Don’t be rude


This one should be common sense. Regardless of how uncomfortable the presence of a gay couple is making you, afford them basic human courtesy by not passing snide comments or whispering derogatory terms. It takes a lot of courage for gay couples to acknowledge their relationship in public so try to respect that.

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