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How To Behave When You Encounter A Gay Couple

Dear Straight People, If you’ve ever encountered a gay couple blatantly behaving like a gay couple in public before, chances are that you probably did one of the following 5 things which you really shouldn’t have. In order not to repeat your mistake, here are 5 tips that you should really take note of should

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7 Things Straight People Need To Stop Saying To Gay People!

Dear Straight People, Here are 7 things you all really need to stop saying to gay people! ‘You don’t seem gay’ Seriously, straight people need to stop subscribing to the ridiculous gay stereotypes that the media has managed to cook up for us. For the record, not all gay people wear brightly coloured clothes, gym

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What To Do When You Suspect That Your Friend Is Gay

Dear Straight People, Does one of your friends make your gaydar go off? Do you ever get the feeling that he or she is keeping a very big secret from you? If yes, then you really need to continue reading this article. If no, you should read it anyway because chances are, you will find

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How To Deal With Someone Who Just Came Out To You

Dear Straight People, Every time I come out to one of you, I’m usually greeted with a stunned silence. Every now and then, I elicit an uncomfortable chuckle. But most of the time, it is just a very awkward and tense silence. That reaction of course, is understandable. There is no script to follow when

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Dear Straight People, Stop Calling Me Gay!

Dear Straight People, If you refer to me as your Gay Friend one more time, I am going to unfriend your straight ass on Facebook. While I’m not offended by being labelled as gay since that is inherently who I am, it is frustrating for me and most other gay people to constantly be defined

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