Asking For Equal Treatment Isn’t Being Greedy, It’s Being Reasonable!

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Dear Straight People,

The LGBT community has been called many things. We have been labelled as being mentally ill, derided for being hedonistic and more recently, accused of being greedy.

In fact, it’s not just the straight community that has accused the LGBT right activists of being greedy. Singapore’s most prominent gay celebrity Kumar himself has expressed the same sentiments and he is not alone in his thinking. There is a growing sentiment among some in the LGBT community that we should be content with the status quo. The logic behind such reasoning is that:

Gay people can have as much sex as they want without any fear of getting arrested since 377A is just for decorative reasons.


We have been given Tanjong Pagar to have as many gay parties as we want.

party hard.gif

And… we have our annual PinkDot event where we get to be as gay as we want IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (gasp)!

gay acting

The fact that we have PinkDot, Tanjong Pagar and Grindr should be enough yes?



Source: Tumblr

Why? Because LGBT rights shouldn’t only extend to us having the ability to have a good time. And giving gay people a specific section of Singapore and one day a year to be gay isn’t exactly some kind of privilege that we should be incredibly thankful for.

Being greedy would be us asking for extra rights, extra privileges and extra benefits just because we are gay. Asking for basic human rights such as the freedom to be ourselves without any fear of repercussions 365 days a year in every part of Singapore isn’t being greedy, it’s being reasonable. The LGBT community isn’t asking for special treatment, just equal treatment.

And if you think that equates to being greedy, then you really need to go back to your dictionary and check out what the word ‘greedy’ actually means.

we deserve what we want

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