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8 Pro-LGBT Companies In Singapore That Do More Than Just Talk About Inclusivity

Dear ‘Pro-LGBT’ Companies, Showing support for the LGBT community entails more than just including fancy words such as ‘inclusivity’ and ‘diversity’ in your carefully constructed PR statements. In an age where politically correct words like ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusivity’ are thrown around to the point of exhaustion, their ubiquity has pretty much eroded their meaning. While these

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Out Of The Closet: Roy Tan Shares His Story

Dear People, Meet 58-year old Singaporean Roy Tan; the unofficial historian of Singapore’s LGBT community. Older than Singapore herself, Roy has personally lived through Singapore’s LGBT history in its entirety. From the birth of Singapore’s first gay disco in an obscure seafood restaurant in the early 1970s to the police entrapment and caning of gay cruisers in

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10 Funny Gifs That Perfectly Describes How Attending Pink Dot Is Like

Dear Gay People, If you’ve attended Pink Dot before, this post is going to give you so much feels. If you haven’t, the following 10 funny gifs will give you some valuable insight into how the Pink Dot experience is like for most gay people! 1. You’re greeted by a ridiculously enthusiastic bunch of people

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Find Out Just How Clueless Most People Still Are About Pink Dot

Dear Straight People, Pink Dot has been held in Singapore for close to a decade and surprisingly, most people are still pretty clueless about it. Part social experiment, part Pink Dot awareness campaign, we gathered a group of straight and LGBT individuals… And made them answer the following questions: 1. When was Pink Dot first

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Out Of The Closet: Johnson Ong aka DJ Big Kid Shares His Story

Dear People, Meet 35-year old Singaporean Johnson Ong, who also goes by the stage name of DJ Big Kid! Even as a child, Johnson was always keenly aware of the fact that he was different from most other boys. While he didn’t quite know back then that the differences that he felt might have something

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Asking For Equal Treatment Isn’t Being Greedy, It’s Being Reasonable!

Dear Straight People, The LGBT community has been called many things. We have been labelled as being mentally ill, derided for being hedonistic and more recently, accused of being greedy. In fact, it’s not just the straight community that has accused the LGBT right activists of being greedy. Singapore’s most prominent gay celebrity Kumar himself has

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