6 Lesbian Couples From Singapore Share How They First Met

We’ve compiled stories from 6 lesbian couples from Singapore who are still going strong today. We hope that their stories will not only restore your faith in Cupid’s aim, it’ll make you all warm and fuzzy on the inside too.

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Dear Lesbians,

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it may seem especially bleak for singletons out there.

So we’ve compiled stories from 6 lesbian couples from Singapore who are still going strong today. We hope that their stories will not only restore your faith in Cupid’s aim, it’ll make you all warm and fuzzy on the inside too.

1. Shireen and Yujing

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(Left to right) Yujing & Shireen

Yujing: The first time we met each other was in NUS (National University Of Singapore) when we were doing our final year projects together. It was a year long project (so) we had to work very closely together.

Shireen: She was quite serious when I first saw her. I tried to break the ice, I tried to be funny, cracked jokes around her and I remember her not laughing as much as I thought she would.

Yujing: There wasn’t really a point where we knew we like each other… but I think it was more like the build-up over time where we got to know each other better.

Read Shireen & Yujing’s full story here.

2. Maisy and Dawn

(Left to right) Dawn & Maisy

Dawn: We first met through mutual friends during a social event. That was (over) 10 years ago.

We got our own place after dating for 5 years. 2 years ago, we decided to get married.

Read Maisy & Dawn’s full story here.

3. Rachael and Sher

(Left to right) Rachael & Sher

We first met on Instagram about 4 years ago.

Our first date was at Kallang Leisure Park where we just talked for hours.

Update: Rachael and Sher are now married. Watch their love story here.

4. Gillyn & Jolyn

(Left to right) Jolyn and Gillyn

Back in 2012 during a night out at a Thai club, a then 25-year old Gillyn went into the restroom to take a breather. It was there that she met Jolyn for the first time, who was with her then girlfriend.

Fueled by liquid courage, Gillyn told Jolyn that they were being too loud.

Gillyn: Jolyn was stunned when I told her off and I only remember her smiling sheepishly back at me. I can’t remember what she said since I was half drunk lol.

Coincidentally, the pair had a mutual friend. And it was through that mutual friend that allowed them to get to know one another better.

After dating for 4 years, Gillyn and Jolyn got married in a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony in Singapore with the full support of their family, which has since become our most viral coming out story to date. Dear Straight People is glad to report that the couple is still happily married and recently went on a vacation to Vietnam.

Read Gillyn and Jolyn’s full story here.

5. Maitri & Krys

Maitri and Krys

We first met on Facebook. whereby we exchanged numbers and just talked as friends. We (started out as) just normal friends.

The best part was when she brought me to Dempsey Hill and asked whether I was ready to be together with her.

Read Maitri & Krys’s full story here.

6. Olivia and Irene

Pic 1

Olivia: This is a very long story. The short version is we met on the Sayoni (www.sayoni.com) forums after I broke up with my first girlfriend and was trying to heal from that relationship.

Given that my first relationship with a girl ended up with me in the hospital from an overdose, some people thought I should go back to dating men instead. However, I needed to better understand myself and why that relationship had failed. The women in Sayoni were there during my process of self discovery. Irene was one of those who spent time with me and was the person I chatted while I was depressed and trying to dig myself out of that hole.

Eventually we fell in love.

Read Olivia and Irene’s full story here.

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