Behind Closed Doors – Working As A Gay Masseur In Singapore

A gay masseur from China sheds light on what it’s like to really work at a gay massage parlour in Singapore.

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For most people, the opportunity to work overseas is an exciting one.

But when I ask my next interviewee what it’s like migrating from China to Singapore for work, he simply shrugs his shoulders.

His lack of enthusiasm is understandable, especially when you consider his life here. The man may have lived in Singapore for almost 2 years. But he hasn’t had the opportunity to explore the city state. 

“I work 7 days a week so I haven’t seen much of Singapore outside of Chinatown.”


Dear Straight People,

Meet Owen (not his real name), a gay masseur from China who is working full-time at a massage shop in Chinatown.

Unlike most massage joints, this shop tries its best to blend into the background. Save for a tiny signboard at the front, nothing about the entrance signals that it is a massage parlour.

Keeping its entrance as inconspicuous as possible is intentional. After all, attracting the wrong kind of attention in Singapore could be dangerous for a place like this.

Staffed entirely with male masseurs, this massage parlour in Chinatown caters exclusively to men. 

Massage joints targeting a gay clientele are nothing new. But what is noteworthy is that according to Owen, all the masseurs working here are gay, a stark contrast to the straight masseurs that usually work gay massage parlours in Thailand.

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