7 Things Straight People Need To Stop Saying To Gay People!

Dear Straight People,

Here are 7 things you all really need to stop saying to gay people!

  1. ‘You don’t seem gay’

Seriously, straight people need to stop subscribing to the ridiculous gay stereotypes that the media has managed to cook up for us. For the record, not all gay people wear brightly coloured clothes, gym 5 times a week and worship Madonna. Just like straight people, gay people come in all shapes and sizes.

  1. ‘I am straight’

Just because I come to you does not mean I am going to hit on you. So relax, there is no need to reaffirm your heterosexuality to me. Straight people need to stop seeing themselves as gay magnets.

  1. ‘I have friends like you’

There is no need to refer to us like we are an entirely different species. You wouldn’t tell a white, black or Asian friend that you’ve just made that you have friends like them too right?

  1. ‘Omg I’ve always wanted a gay best friend!’

Straight girls are the biggest perpetuators of this line. Seriously straight girls really need to stop treating gay people like they are collectibles.

  1. ‘I knew it!’

Saying ‘I knew it’ to someone who just came out to you isn’t really annoying. But saying ‘I knew it’ with a smug look on your face makes me want to throttle you.

  1. ‘You should totally meet my other gay friend!’

I have no idea why straight people like to connect all their gay friends with one another. Just because two individuals are gay doesn’t mean they need to be friends with one another.

  1. ‘Who is the man/woman in the relationship?’

Why do straight people assume that every couple needs to consist of a man and a woman? I mean, if we wanted someone of the opposite sex, we wouldn’t be gay right?

Source: giphy.com
Source: giphy.com

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