10 Funny Gifs That Perfectly Describes How Attending Pink Dot Is Like

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Dear Gay People,

If you’ve attended Pink Dot before, this post is going to give you so much feels.

If you haven’t, the following 10 funny gifs will give you some valuable insight into how the Pink Dot experience is like for most gay people!

1. You’re greeted by a ridiculously enthusiastic bunch of people the second you step into Hong Lim Park.

Over Excited Fans

2. You get hugged by a Pink Dot volunteer every 5 seconds

Hugs minions

3. You take about a million years to find out where all your friends are

where are you

4. And you all proceed to bitch about how hot and humid Singapore is

It's so hot

5. And how damn crowded Pink Dot is…although that’s actually a good thing

we need a new plague

6. You spot people that you know online but haven’t actually met in real life yet

awkward wave

7. And you also run into pretty much every single person that you have ever dated before 

hide face

8. But most of the time, you’re just busy taking pictures with your squad

funny wefie selfie

9. And soaking in the good vibes thanks to the live performances and inspiring speeches

happy ariana

10. You start to feel really sentimental when everyone starts singing the National Anthem

I'm gonna cry

And your faith in Singapore is restored when everyone around you raises their pink placards 

03. PinkDot2016_ Gerald Poh _Friends _46
Credit: Pink Dot SG
Credit: Pink Dot SG

See y’all at Pink Dot next year! 😉

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