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Top 10 Gayest Animals That Prove That Homosexuality Is Natural

Dear Straight People, If you thought gay sex was unnatural, you thought wrong. Humans aren’t the only ones with gay tendencies. Animals like to get it on with members of the same sex too. But I’m sure you know that already. Gay activists have been throwing around this fact so much so that even people

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10 Famous Faces You Would Never Expect To Find On Grindr!

Dear Gay People, Amidst the sea of headless torsos that populate Grindr, here are 10 famous faces that you would probably never expect to ever find on Grindr! 1. Lord Voldemort 2. Fa Mulan 3. Gandalf 4. Britney Spears 5. George Michael 6. Justin Bieber 7. Perez Hilton 8. Pope Benedict (I think) 9. Daria

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10 Sexual Orientations You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Dear Straight People, If you find it hard to wrap your heads around the concepts of homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender sexuality, wait till you find out about all the other sexual orientations that are out there! Get ready to have your mind blown with these 10 other sexual orientations that you’ve probably never heard of before: Pansexual/Omnisexual:

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5 Of The Most Horrifying Cures For Homosexuality Ever Used!

Dear Straight People, For years and years, you have tried to cure homosexuality and for years and years, you have failed miserably. However, judging from the many different types of treatments you lot have come up with, you definitely deserve an ‘A’ for trying. Here are 5 of the most horrifying cures for homosexuality ever

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8 Things About Straight People That You Didn’t Really Need To Know!

 Dear Gay People, Check out these 8 interesting things about straight people that you don’t really need to know: Straight men search for online images of penises almost as much as they do for vaginas! While it is possible that straight men are just trying to compare their penises to the penises of other men,

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