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The Answer To Why Gay Men Take So Many Selfies

Dear Straight People, One of your kind recently told me that the way she differentiates gay men from the straight ones is by looking at the number of selfies he takes. If he takes more selfies than me, I automatically assume that he is gay. That line was the start of a very interesting conversation

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Why Travelling Is Over-rated!

Dear People, Millennials are obsessed with travelling. They fill themselves up with wanderlust by ogling at beautiful places that pop up on their Instagram feed. They create travel bucket lists on Pinterest. They constantly check for cheap airfares on the Internet. They save up religiously for their next big vacation. And they do all this

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How Grindr Is Ruining The Gay Scene

Dear Gay People, I think its fair to say that we all have a love-hate relationship with Grindr. Actually, it’s not just Grindr. Our contradictory feelings towards Grindr pretty much applies to all the other gay apps out there like Jack’d, Planet Romeo etc. We swear off them one day. Find our way back to

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How To Become High-Profile

Dear Gay People, If you want to climb the imaginary gay social ladder, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will teach you everything you need to know about becoming ‘high-profile’ in the gay scene. By ‘high-profile’, I mean a lot of people in the gay community will know who you are but

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Dear Gay Men, Stop Hating On Feminine Guys!

Dear Gay Men, Do feminine guys embarrass you? Do flamboyant men annoy you? Do you pride yourself on being ‘straight-acting’? If you’ve answered yes to all of the above questions, you’re definitely not the only one. ‘Straight-acting’ gay men who pride themselves on their masculinity and who look down on feminine guys are a dime

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Yes, Race Privilege Exists And I Am A Victim Of It!

Dear Gay People,                                 I am a victim of race privilege! But before I became a victim, I actually used to be a beneficiary of race privilege. Thus, the reason why I can so confidently claim that race privilege exists

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Dear Gay Men, Stop Hating On High-Profile People!


Dear Gay Men, Please stop hating on high-profile people! For the benefit of all the confused straight people reading this, high-profile people, also known as ‘high-profilers’, refer to the pseudo-celebrities of the gay community. While there is no actual criteria set for determining who is considered a high-profiler, high-profilers all enjoy a large social media following, usually

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Why Open Relationships Are Common Among Gay Men

Dear Straight People, Open relationships are rampant among gay men! No, I do not have any credible statistics or evidence to back my claim up. But if you happen to have any gay friends, chances are, he will probably tell you in a very jaded tone that monogamous gay relationships are fast becoming nothing but a gay

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Why Coming Out Is Still A Big Deal In 2016

“Hey Everyone! I know this might be hard for me to say but… I’m actually a heterosexual. Please tell me about how I’m so brave and courageous, tell me you respect and accept my sexuality, and please make a big fiasco about ‘Coming out’. Let’s have a parade to celebrate. Call me a hero because

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