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What To Do When You Suspect That Your Friend Is Gay

Dear Straight People, Does one of your friends make your gaydar go off? Do you ever get the feeling that he or she is keeping a very big secret from you? If yes, then you really need to continue reading this article. If no, you should read it anyway because chances are, you will find

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Out Of The Closet: Dustin Sohn Shares His Story

Dear Straight People, Meet 25-year old Korean American Dustin Sohn… and his adorable dog Kai! Born to immigrants, Dustin grew up in predominantly white America, where he conceded that being an ethnic minority contributed significantly to his insecurities. When he started experiencing same-sex attractions during his preteen years, the combination of being both Asian and

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How To Deal With Someone Who Just Came Out To You

Dear Straight People, Every time I come out to one of you, I’m usually greeted with a stunned silence. Every now and then, I elicit an uncomfortable chuckle. But most of the time, it is just a very awkward and tense silence. That reaction of course, is understandable. There is no script to follow when

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The 6 Worst Ways To React To Someone Coming Out To You

Dear Straight People, When someone from the LGBT community comes out to you, any reaction you display will be better than the following 6 reactions! 1. Violence Violence is never a solution so don’t even think of trying to hit the homosexuality out of your friend! 2. Shutting them up Yes, ignorance is bliss, but

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Why Coming Out Is Still A Big Deal In 2016

“Hey Everyone! I know this might be hard for me to say but… I’m actually a heterosexual. Please tell me about how I’m so brave and courageous, tell me you respect and accept my sexuality, and please make a big fiasco about ‘Coming out’. Let’s have a parade to celebrate. Call me a hero because

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