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Out Of The Closet: Lokies Khan Shares His Story

Dear People,              Meet 23-year old Singaporean Lokies Khan! Currently serving his National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces, Lokies has done something few others dared to do. Despite the social stigma associated with homosexuality in the military, Lokies has very proudly declared that he’s gay, not just to the

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Out Of The Closet: Darius Zee Shares His Story

Dear People, Meet 27-year old Singaporean Darius Zee… a former homophobe turned LGBT rights activist! Darius’ same-sex inclination started when he was only in primary school. However, it wasn’t till he started his secondary school education that his homosexual tendencies became a lot more evident. Darius reflects that: I guess my inclination was only confirmed

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Out Of The Closet: Dylan Ray Shares His Story

Dear People,      Meet 19-year old Malaysian Dylan Ray… who also happens to be the first bisexual to be featured on the ‘Out Of The Closet’ series! Raised in a low-income family, his dad is an English tuition teacher while his mum passed away when he was only 15-years old. Growing up, he never

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Out Of The Closet: Audi Khalid Shares His Story

Dear People,                                Meet 27-year old Singaporean Audi Khalid! Born to a Malay family, homosexuality was a foreign concept to his parents. It was a topic that was rarely brought up nor discussed in the family. Never in their wildest dreams

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Out Of The Closet: Dustin Sohn Shares His Story

Dear Straight People, Meet 25-year old Korean American Dustin Sohn… and his adorable dog Kai! Born to immigrants, Dustin grew up in predominantly white America, where he conceded that being an ethnic minority contributed significantly to his insecurities. When he started experiencing same-sex attractions during his preteen years, the combination of being both Asian and

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